One-stop solution for affordable remodeling in Silver Spring, Maryland

As a homeowner in Silver Spring, MD, remodeling different sections of your house or building an addition can enhance your lifestyle, make your home more functional, and help you to create beautiful family memories in a new space. Technology, combined with traditional architectural features, can help you create the contemporary home of your dreams. Surdus Remodeling can help you design exactly what you want, within your budget. Here are some types of remodeling projects that Surdus can help you with.

Kitchen Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

Whether you need a simple kitchen or one with more complex functionality, Surdus can build your dream kitchen. A variety of options are available to construct a kitchen that is traditional, modern, contemporary, European, Italian, Georgian, Victorian, Colonial, Neoclassical…the possibilities are endless. We work with your budget and goals to find the perfect kitchen remodel for you. If your kitchen needs a complete overhaul, Surdus can transform your outdated kitchen into a modern marvel. For the more budget-conscious, modifications like replacing kitchen cabinets, refacing or refinishing kitchen cabinets, replacing a kitchen countertop or backsplash, and installation of a new sink and faucet can help you to save money and inject energy into your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

You use your bathroom every day, and it should be an enjoyable place to spend time. Making aesthetic and functional changes can make your daily routines more comfortable and pleasurable. If your bathroom is older, antiquated toilets can waste a lot of water, and if you have shoddy installation of your shower, it can make what should be a relaxing experience a nightmare. Surdus first assesses the current state of all components in your bathroom, from energy-efficiency to proper plumbing, and makes recommendations for the remodel. Simple remodeling projects, such as replacing sinks and faucets, upgrading light fixtures, painting walls, replacing wallpaper, or adding a glass shower are all budget-friendly ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. We can also assist with more complex remodeling projects like tub-to-shower conversion, bathroom structure modification, replacing tubs and vanities, installing new ceramic flooring,  and replacing the toilet with a more water-conserving model. The expert remodeling professionals at Surdus can help you design and install a fully functional and aesthetically-pleasing bathroom that fits your budget.

Basement Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

Is your basement a place you enjoy spending time in, or simply an unused, clutter-filled horror? A basement can serve as a space to relax or entertain, as well as store unneeded items in an organized manner. Take advantage of a growing trend: the themed basement. Turn your unused space into a sports-watching den, game room, home theater, or wet bar. Surdus constructs a professionally designed basement to suit whatever your needs may be. And simple changes such as painting walls, upgrading light fixtures, etc. can enhance your basement without going over budget.


Why Surdus Remodeling?

Surdus Remodeling provides many benefits, some of which include:

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • High quality materials with 2 years warranty
  • Access to a variety of brands
  • Remodeling project planning and execution within budgets

Our goal is to provide you with the simplest and most efficient remodeling experience possible. We do this through our unique process that takes you from first contact to completed bath, kitchen, or basement remodel with minimal disruption to your life.

We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect kitchen, bathroom, or basement before ordering the construction materials, parts, accessories, and supplies. You don’t have to manage multiple contractors or worry about a thing. The project and process is done professionally and efficiently, and all within your budget.

Remodeling Projects by Surdus in Silver Spring, MD

Kitchen Remodeling project Silver Spring, MD

This customer selected Surdus Remodeling based on our reputation and their budget range. The kitchen was outdated, and the customer needed a complete renovation. Surdus Remodeling completed the kitchen remodeling project in phases.

  • Prepared kitchen design
  • Repaired drywall caused by cabinet demolition
  • Replaced cabinet, including crown molding
  • Upgraded electrical circuits
  • Installed ceramic tiles
  • Installed granite countertop, including backsplash
  • Added new appliances
  • Created peninsula cabinet
  • Painted ceiling and wall

Bathroom Remodeling Project in Silver Spring, MD

This customer selected Surdus Remodeling based on customers’ reviews of our brand, their budget range, and how quickly we communicated. The customer wanted a complete update of all fixtures in the bathroom.

  • Gutted bathroom to skeleton (tuds and joists)
  • Installed new mold resistant drywall on ceiling and wall
  • Installed 200 lb. iron cast bathtub
  • Installed new vanity, sinks, toilet, and countertop
  • Installed ceramic tile flooring
  • Installed ceramic tile tub wall
  • Upgradedelectrical work
  • Upgraded plumbing
  • Converted entry swing door to pocket door
  • Painted wall and ceiling

Basement Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

This customer selected Surdus Remodeling based on a customer referral. Surdus Remodeling completed the following mini-projects in the basement for this customer:

  • Framed walls
  • Installed new electrical wiring
  • Installed drywall on ceiling and wall
  • Remodeled powder room
  • Remodeled laundry area
  • Rebuilt staircase
  • Built storage closet under staircase
  • Engineered flooring installation
  • Built small theater
  • Installed pocket doors
  • Painted wall and ceiling

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