Top 10 Home Renovation Blogs

Top 10 Home Renovation Blogs

Almost all homeowners have a renovation project or DIY idea floating around in the back of their head. Whether you have a lack of experience or a lack of funds, there are always some steps you can take to improve your home. Here are our top 10 home renovation blogs to get you started.

Home Repair Tutor

The glow of new home ownership fades when faced with numerous repairs and renovation challenges. Many new homeowners don’t have the budget to call in expensive contractors, so their needs take precedence over their wants. The end result is a safe house, but not necessarily a pretty one. Jeff Patterson, owner and blogger at Home Repair Tutor, was in a similar quandary. Instead of giving up on his renovation dreams, he learned how to do many of the repairs on his own. This way, he could save money on the house’s needs and invest it in renovations instead. This blog is full of tutorials to walk you through how to do your own repairs and remodels.

One Project Closer

Two married couples that love all things home improvement maintain this blog. From information on what tools to use to in-depth guides, this site chronicles professional contractors’ projects. It also showcases the couples’ own DIY projects. They review products, share the most current list of retailer’s discounts and coupons, and give advice for other DIYers as well.

Infarrantly Creative

This homeowner purchased a fixer upper and started recounting her renovation experiences in her blog Infarrantly Creative. In addition to following her renovations from start to finish, you can also find fun crafts and small projects to decorate and update your home. She also has excellent storage and organization solutions for craft rooms, garages, and mudrooms.

In My Own Style

This blog is perfect for homeowners without a lot of money to spend on renovations. This blogger’s experience as a first-time homeowner inspired her to create her blog. She didn’t have a lot of money for major renovations. However, she was able to create a home she loved with smart design choices and DIY projects. In My Own Style provides ideas on how to makeover your existing furniture, organize tight spaces to make the most of them, and other tips and tricks to update your home with a small budget.

Pink Toes and Power Tools

The construction and DIY world can seem like a male-dominated place, but there are plenty of women who like to work with tools as well. Kristen, the owner of Pink Toes and Power Tools, provides detailed tutorials on how to work with wood and which tools to use to build your own pieces. Some of her more popular projects include making knock off Pottery Barn furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Sand and Sisal

Written by another lady DIYer and crafter, Sand and Sisal provides home renovation tutorials and crafting ideas that can appeal to all skill levels. If you lack confidence in your DIY skills, check out this blog to see just how simple some projects can be.

Sarah’s Big Idea

This blog is full of renovation frustrations and successes. While many home renovation blogs focus on before and after’s or step-by-step tutorials, this blog highlights all steps to the DIY process. This blogger also works with small budgets for her renovations so her projects are doable for other new homeowners.

Home Stories A to Z

Home Stories A to Z provides before and after’s of this homeowners renovations as well as a multitude of DIY tutorials, crafts, and tips for revamping your home. This blog includes major home renovation ideas as well as small DIY and craft ideas. This blogger likes to repurpose items as well to make art and useful items for her home. Find out how you can convert an old crib into an upcycled dog crate or make your own DIY indoor planter.

Home Jelly

After a visit to this blog, you will leave feeling jealous and inspired. It contains a variety of how-to guides, ideas on how to repurpose your existing furniture, before and after’s, and more. If you know you want to take on a home renovation project, but you are lacking inspiration, be sure to check out Home Jelly.

The Happier Homemaker

Many potential DIYers feel overwhelmed by work and family obligations. So much so that their home renovation projects get put on the back burner or scraped altogether. The Happier Homemaker is dedicated to freeing up more of your time and finding frugal ways to make your house a home. Check out this blog for great tips on how to streamline your cleaning and organization as well as fun DIY projects.

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