Shower Remodel

Tired of that old looking shower? Let us breathe fresh air into your shower to transform it into a spa oasis.

Imagine rather than starting your day with a sputtering shower that wastes gallons of water, stepping into an aesthetically pleasing shower that removes stress from your mind and body. Anything is possible with a shower remodel by Surdus Remodeling.

Vital Elements of Shower Remodeling

At Surdus, we take the time to assess your shower — both design-wise and functionality-wise — and make suggestions for the shower remodel. We identify existing issues in your shower, such as leaky plumbing or water inefficient nozzles and offer solutions that will save you money in the long run. Some of the areas we may suggest changes for include:

Showerheads and Body Sprays

Having the right water-efficient showerhead or hand-held sprayer not only provides a better bathing experience but also saves water.

Skid Resistant Floors

Floor tiles add beauty and functionality to your shower. The tiles are available in variety of patterns, color, and size. Floor tiles such as the ceramic ones are easy to dry and are skid resistant. We present you with plenty of floor options to choose from in your shower remodeling project.

Wall Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles come in variety of patterns, size, and colors. The tiles can be cleaned quickly and easily. Before redesigning a bathroom, it’s important to select tiles that suit your taste.

Frameless Glass Door

A frameless glass door enclosure avoids water spillage by concealing it within the walls. This reduces the overall maintenance, saves time, and elevates your bathing experience.

Built-in Seating

Whether you need a built-in shower seat for medical reasons or just want a place to sit and enjoy your therapeutic shower, Surdus can install a built-in seat for comfort that is waterproofed.

Ceiling Fixtures

Having LED light fixtures in the ceiling with light controls sets the spa mood in your bathroom.

You likely have an idea of where you’d like to start with your shower remodel. We begin by providing a free shower design consultation to understand your goals and desires, then we find beautiful, high-quality products that fit your budget, and begin planning a shower layout to suit your needs and preferences.

Whether you want to remodel a small bathroom shower or master bathroom shower, Surdus brings your dream shower to life through perfect design, plan, and construction.

Surdus Remodeling provides bathroom shower remodeling in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.  Please call 240-654-0247 or fill out this form to get a complimentary estimate.