Nadine B.

We bought an old house in dire need of renovation and we interviewed 8 contractors before choosing Elijah to help us with our different projects. Initially, we only hired him for the complete remodeling of the kitchen. As we were very pleased with the results, we asked him to do more and he has just finished the complete remodeling of two bathrooms. For each project, Elijah and his guys took care of the demolition, hauled away debris, and then rebuilt from scratch, taking also care of plumbing and minor electrical issues. We could not be more pleased with the results and the work of Elijah. He is very knowledgeable -our house had a lot of issues we had to work around – honest, hard working, and nice!  He made what could have been months of nightmare a pleasant experience. We choose Elijah’s company because we felt that it was the best value for the price  and we were right!  The projects came within the agreed budgets. All our requests and modifications were handled promptly and with a smile. The fact that he is deaf has not been a problem and we communicated very easily via email and hand written notes throughout the different projects. We highly recommend Elijah for any renovation project and will definitely use him and his team again.

Nadine B.Bethesda, MD
Richard C.

I originally contracted with Elijah to do my Kitchen and had contracted with others to the basement and other work. This was a mistake, I should have awarded the entire contract to him from the outset as in the end I did go with him for all of the work as my other contractor didn’t work out. Elijah renovated a kitchen, a complete gut. Installed a new bathroom that was not previously there in the basement. He did the drywall wall in the basement, a bunch of finish work, painting, a variety of different things. The work was very good, he was responsive, easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him to others. Honest, Professional, Responsive and Competent.

Richard C.Washington, DC
James C.

I had two bathrooms in my condo remodeled.

  • Removed and Installed tile
  • Removed and installed new toilets, sinks, counters, towel racks and recessed medicine cabinets
  • Installed shower niches and converted my stand-up shower base to a tiled floor with curb
  • Replaced the lighting in both bathrooms and relocated light switches
  • Installed and connected a new shower system with hand held sprayer

I had purchased the items myself and had Surdus Remodeling install them. The price included labor and things behind the walls/under the floor (cement board, outlet boxes, water pipes, etc.) Elijah and his team were absolutely fantastic. I initially contacted them on 26 December and received a response that same day. Elijah came by on the 28th and looked at the bathrooms and prepared an estimate. I contacted three other contractors and Surdus Remodeling was the lowest price. I was looking for a good price AND good quality. I reviewed photos of their work and liked what I saw. This is the first time I’ve had any renovations to my place. Elijah gave a lot of ideas and options..things I hadn’t thought about doing. The work began on 28 January and lasted approximately 20 work days. Jose and Sergio arrived every day on time and worked a full day (8-9 hours). They have high-quality work ethics and were very neat and clean…after they left for the night, I could hardly tell there was construction going on in my place. I have an eye for detail and I would look over the work every night after they left. Everything they did was perfect, better than I expected. I had a few changes to make during the renovations…last-minute ideas. I would email Elijah and he always responded very quickly. He would check out the options and let me know what worked best. He accommodated every change I requested. We had to work almost every day during the renovations. I took days off here and there but mostly I was not home while they did the renovations. I didn’t have any issues giving them the key to my place so they could do the work. They were very trustworthy and they always made sure to lock up if they left for lunch or left before I got home. If a question came up while I was gone, Elijah would email me.

I attached pictures I took from my cell phone…it looks a lot better in person as the camera is a bit dark but you can get the idea. I address the next topic because I know some people may have concerns that Elijah and some of the workers are deaf. It was no problem, at all! We never had any communication problems. We typically discussed things via email or writing notes. Typically, I just showed them what I wanted and they knew exactly what I was saying. They are the experts!

James C.Arlington, VA
Elvis D.

Completed gutted and rebuilt the 1st floor full bathroom. The thing must have been an original from the 60s that was looking old, tired and in terrible shape. The renovation included replacing the drywall with green board, installing new floor tiles, new toilet, new vanity, recessed medicine cabinet, centering the shower drain, installing wall tiles in the shower, et cetera. They literally took the bathroom down to the studs and rebuilt it new.

We contacted 4 different companies to provide an estimate. One of them had excellent reviews, provided good ideas but submitted ridiculous prices (much higher than the other 3). Two of them were barely responsive – in other words, they came by, looked at the bathroom but did not bother to ask us what we wanted to do. They literally stared at the bathroom, took a few measurements and told us they’d email us the estimate! Of those two, one of them took several weeks and only responded after I sent them at least two emails. Their prices were more reasonable but the lack of attention from them was not encouraging. Elijah (from Surdus) was different. He was responsive, took his time to look over the bathroom and discuss what we wanted to do. I was especially happy when he recommended replacing the regular door with a pocket door because it would significantly add to the usable space in the bathroom and because I love pocket doors – they look very elegant in my opinion. He’s quote was similar to the other two but his responsiveness, attention to detail and willingness to ASK what we wanted convinced us to go with him. It took us a few weeks to select the toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, et cetera. Elijah was helpful in providing recommended vendors and was patient while we picked what we wanted. But as soon as we selected our items and signed the contract, he started ordering items and getting ready to start the work. Elijah’s guys – Jose and Sergio – began the Monday before Thanksgiving and spent the next 2.5 weeks working on the project. They were very thoughtful in keeping the work area clean once they were done for the day. It took them about 1 day to demolish the existing bathroom. The next week was spent reframing the bathroom, rebuilding the shower base and building out the infrastructure for the new bathroom. The second week was spent installing the green board, pocket door, et cetera. The last 1/2 week was spent installing the tiles, painting and so on. They even worked through Thanksgiving which we appreciated very much. Elijah accommodated a few work order changes at reasonable cost. These included modifying the plumbing to make the recessed medicine cabinet fit, moving a light switch, and installing a new electrical outlet (facing the outside hall). All of these were done while the bathroom was still stripped down to its stud (when they are easier to do!). The small hiccups that happened during the project were quickly attended to and corrected by Elijah. I was impressed by his responsiveness. Whenever I sent him an email with a question, he’d reply the same day. We were so happy with the work Surdus did, we’ve requested an estimate for a 1/2 bathroom and intend to use them again when we remodel the house’s main bathroom and basement next year.

Elvis D.Arlington, VA
Ward S.

Surdus LLC completely remodeled two full bathrooms and one half bathroom. Surdus purchased many of the materials including floor and ceiling tiles, a tub, one of the counter tops, and ground-fault interrupters (GFIs). We purchased the vanities, faucets, toilets, the remaining counter tops, and lighting. The firm completely stripped each room, starting with the half bathroom. They installed the new vanities, counter tops, and did the plumbing for the sinks, showers, and toilets. It took approximately five weeks to complete with a one week interruption in the middle to accommodate our previously scheduled trip. Our purchases allowed us to pick the vanities and counter tops, plumbing fixtures, and lightning that we wanted. The company asked us to visit tile stores and pick out the tiles we wanted. They then purchased and picked up the tiles. As for the evaluation criteria: Price: The final quote/ and price was approximately the average of the rather large range of estimates from several contractors we interviewed. The firm provided an itemized listing of the work and associated cost. The initial estimate did not include elevating electrical outlets to accommodate the new vanity heights, which we agreed to pay for. We also added recessed shelves in the showers, which added to our cost. The firm painted the half bath and we painted the other two baths to keep our costs down. Quality: the floor tiling work was excellent and the shower tiling was very good. Framing and installation of wall boards surrounding the shower and tub was done very well. They made sure the wall tiles were installed on solid walls. The installation of outlets and lighting fixtures was excellent, as was the plumbing. Wall preparation and the painting of the half bath were done well. We did do some finish patching and sanding for the walls we painted. Responsiveness: The firm was very responsive to our requests. One of the reasons we selected the firm was because they listened to our desires rather than imposing what they wanted to do on us. Punctuality: The firm started one week later than originally planned, which was not a problem for us. They also worked around one week when we needed to be out of town. The employees started most days at approximately 9:30 in the morning and wrapped things up between 3:30 and 4:00 each day. Professionalism: The firm’s employees were extremely conscientious, courteous, and considerate. They covered rugs with canvas, and put away their tool at the end of the day. We communicated with the owner of the firm frequently by e-mail in addition to his occasional job site visits.

Ward S.Rockville, MD

Elijah’s crew completely renovated a bathroom, installed a new railing, installed some tile in the basement and removed built in cabinets. We found Surdus here on Angies list and Elijah came to give us an estimate.  We showed him the work we wanted to have done and a few days later he sent us a proposal for our review. We felt that his estimate was very reasonable for the amount of work we needed done. Once we signed a contract he asked us to send us the fixtures, tiles, etc that we were interested in having for the bathroom. He suggested some websites and local stores to look at tiles and fixtures and included an estimated budget for what we should aim for. While overwhelming at first, we really enjoyed being able to have everything in the bathroom exactly the way we wanted it. Elijah was able to give us advice and answer any questions we had if we weren’t sure what we needed. Elijah ordered all of the parts for the bathroom and his workers started work a few days after signing the contract (they would have started earlier but we were not ready). They arrived at 9am each day and worked until around 5 or whenever they completed what they were working on.  They always cleaned up after themselves and were very conscious of of us in the house.  After demoing the bathroom they found several reasons for the mold problems we previously had.  One of workers spent a lot of time looking inside and outside the house to find the source of water coming into the bathroom and repaired them.  They also replaced old pipes in the bathroom and electrical which was no longer in good shape even though they were not included in the contract. During each step of creating our new bathroom they always asked where we wanted things and what our preferences were.  It also became clear they always wanted to do their best and do things properly.  Each evening if I noticed something that concerned me it was addressed the next day (usually without me mentioning it).  When we suggested something they would give us their opinion and in most cases we trusted what they thought and were not disappointed. Working with Elijah was not a problem despite him being deaf.  We communicating mostly with notes and through email (which suits me very well).  One of workers is also deaf but very friendly and we didn’t have trouble communicating.  Other worker can sign and acted as interpreter when needed. The work was completed ahead of schedule and completed correctly.  The next day Elijah came over for a final inspection and instead of just asking if we were happy (as I expected), he did his own inspection.  Elijah found a few minor issues we hadn’t discovered and his crew came back the next business day to finish them. Overall we really enjoyed working with Elijah and two workers and would not hesitate to use them in the future.

JulianKensington, MD
E. G.

I demolished and removed the four walls (plaster and lathe) and took to the dump. – Surdus removed the floor and ceiling as well as the metal door frames. Removed old 1950’s cast iron tub and replaced it with a new cast iron tub. They leveled out, added to and coupled existing floor framing and joists.  Cement board and plaster board installed, new recessed lighting installed, rewiring of existing electrical wiring. Installed subway tiling as well as floor tiling. Wainscoting installed on walls not tiled.  Installed all bathroom accessories – including toilet and pedestal sink .  Totally rebuilt linen closet and installed new metal shelving.  Replaced closet door and completed all framing on doors and window.  Reinstalled window shutters.  Painted ceiling and walls as well as wainscoting. Surdus supplied labor. cement board, lumber for all framing, paint, and wainscoting.  Customer provided new wood door, new bathtub, sink and toilet, all recessed lights, vanity, vanity lights, floor and wall tile, grout, linen closet shelving system, towel holders, door hook, tissue paper holder, door knobs and shower rod as well as tile sealer. Good.  Georgi and Dae excellent workers – some problems with communication until Dae came on board – he was able to interpret for us – English was not the problem, I did not know how to sign.   Georgi and Dae kept the work and surrounding areas swept and neat.  Very respectful of my privacy.  Both work very well together. Would encourage customers to make certain that the workers have everything they need to complete the work – sometimes they did not have what they needed and had to make trips to Loews or HD- otherwise I would certainly use the company again.

E. G.Silver Spring, MD
Jamie R.

The 10,000 is the value of the contract which included labor and allowances for some materials. I supplied the cabinets, most plumbing materials, paint, and accessories.
Services included: Install bathtub and toilet including plumbing work; Install water proof membrane; Install ceramic floor and wall tile; Install ductwork behind wall of laundry unit; Replace light fixtures; Replace door; Install five cabinets and mirror; Install GFCI outlet; Install wall molding above floor; Paint wall and ceiling; Install sink faucet; Install cabinet knobs/pulls; Install bath accessory Replace cold/hot water shutoff valves for laundry and bathtub. Elijah came to the house and surveyed the work. He sent me an estimate about a week later. We negotiated some of the points. He came again to survey the project and to address some questions I had. We signed the contract and the work started soon after the bathtub and tile was purchased and delivered. The workmen came every day and worked from 9:00 am until they finished whatever they had planned to do on the particular day. They cleaned up the work space and left their materials as tidy as possible. They completed most of the job per the contract in about 15 days. Once the counter top was fabricated they came back and did the final touches which Elijah and I discussed and agreed. I am very pleased with the work of the crew and Elijah’s management style. He is flexible and tried to make everything work out so that I would be satisfied with the work of his firm. I can’t say enough good things about his crew. I used this firm because of the competitive price and the reviews on Angie’s List. I am glad I did so.

Jamie R.Capitol Hill, Washington DC
Carol G.

Water was leaking into the basement from the bathroom above. We had several people come out. The plumber looked at the damage and said we needed to take out all the pipes and redo the bathroom. The bathroom remodelers came and quoted prices in the several thousands. Elijah from Surdus LLC was the first person to say that he needed to look behind the wall to determine what the real problem was. He removed some drywall and found the problem to be a hold in a pipe. This was replaced and new drywall installed for only $800, thousands less than was quoted by every other person who looked at the damage. I really appreciated that Elijah problem solved before he was willing to give an estimate. He was the only one who seemed to want to know what the real problem was. Thanks Elijah!!

Carol G.Colesville, MD
A. E.

Elijah and his team renovated our kitchen and bathroom — as in demolition to the studs and installation of everything (drywall, flooring, cabinets, lighting, tile, sinks etc.). He also replaced pipes running from our bathroom to the basement. The overall experience was exceptional. Having done a lot of research, I knew I was looking for a contractor who was honest and delivered “on time”. I could not be more pleased with Elijah and his team. He is the only contractor who provided rough estimates on the spot during his site survey. His contract was clear and concise. He started work the day he said he would AND FINISHED within the time frame detailed in our contract. His team was quick to repair any damage done (small knicks in the drywall moving things in/out, etc.). And his communication was superb. Every evening I received an email detailing who would be arriving the next day.

On top of all this, Elijah knows his craft well. He offered several suggestions as the work progressed but was careful to recommend only those items he really deemed necessary (replacing the pipes). I felt I could trust him and his team. Georgi was especially fantastic. Finally, his work is beautiful. He took care in the details and it shows.

Highly recommend!!!

A. E.Takoma Park, MD
John S.

They tore down an entire bathroom to the stud. They did a complete demo and re build of the bathroom. The work was fantastic! They were super clean. They came every day when they said they would. They dealt well with my two dogs. My wife was also expecting and we were not around a lot. They accommodated my needs and completed the work on time.

John S.Arlington, VA
Gerald S.

Remodeling two and a half bathrooms without tile replacement or bath tub removal. Elijah came within two days of inquiring and provided a very honest estimate. The work was actually started within 5 weeks, while the cabinets, paints and fixtures were purchased. Elijah also helped us with the purchases by providing useful professional advice. On the  day that work actually started, Elijah came with his crew and prepared the work space and covered the carpets so they would become dirty. Elijah proved extremely sensitive to our needs and even has redone portion of the work if we changed our minds regarding locations of the fixtures. Even when minor glitches appeared he fixed them without any hesitation. The work went even over the time discussed but it was because of us that we kept adding to what we wanted him to do. The extra charge was ridiculously  low. We will definitely ask him with the other home improvement projects.

Gerald S.Rockville, MD
Daniel L.

Replaced an outdated bathtub and plastic surround with a new tub and tile surround. Elijah was prompt and courteous. He gave an estimate on the spot, and stuck to it. Once I decided to move forward, he was able to start work the next day. He showed up on time and finished the job on time. I was very pleased with the results.

Daniel L.Washington, DC
C. Rogers

Our 1980’s kitchen was outdated and in poor condition. We knew what we wanted and had Mr. Gold come in to do measurements so we could custom order our cabinets. Once they arrived he started the demo work. It was really just a matter of one day to clear out the whole space.  The demo was quick and clean and they were able to work around our infant’s schedule which was really important us. Installment of the new cabinets, door knobs/door pulls, crown moulding, new appliances and countertops. We were especially pleased with his thoroughness and straight forward approach. We didn’t know it at the time but there an issue with the kitchen sink, an access panel below behind the cabinets and the flooring directly below. Water had been leaking for years and there was damage to wall and floor. He investigated further and found damage on the opposite side where our bathroom is. Everything was patched up and repaired to our satisfaction and he made further suggestions as to how to handle the bathroom wall damage, though that was not part of the original project. (Check out my other review because we hired him again for our bathroom project where that wall was an issue.)

C. RogersIthaca, NY

He completely gutted, rebuilt, and renovated my kitchen and a full bath. It was excellent. He was timely, and professional. His workers represented him very well. When we did run into some problems, it was no problem to make adjustments and we still stayed on schedule. The price includes all of the appliances. I am planning on using him again soon. His negotiations were honest and very clear. He has all of the appropriate licensing. He is very pleasant.

A.F.Washington, DC
Erin J.

Elijah did a complete remodel of our basement bathroom, including removing and replacing old fixtures and flooring, painting the walls, installing light fixture and fan, etc. Although we are new to Angie’s List, we’ve hired a lot of contractors in the DC area and so can speak from experience. Bottom line: Elijah was fantastic! We plan to use him again when we get around to remodeling our master bathroom. We wanted a relatively inexpensive remodel of the basement bathroom and his price could not be beat. He was punctual, professional, and attentive to detail. I was amazed at the quality of Elijah’s work and the amount of time he spent on the project given what was a very low price for this area. I was also very grateful to him for being patient with us when we accidentally failed to order enough tile, throwing off his schedule for more than a week.  He never complained and promptly resumed work the day the tile arrived. Great contractor!

Erin J.Washington, DC
Neha B.

Surdus LLC Remodeling was one of the companies that I called to get an estimate. There was a pipe in my house that got frozen and burst back in the winter in late January, so I had called them. A couple of weeks later I was on vacation and came back and discovered it. They came over and gave me a fairly quick estimate. They recognized it was an emergency job because I had to turn the water to the house off. They told me that they were available to come and fix it. They came over and fixed it.  After that, there were 2 points where it had burst. They came back again and fixed that too. Another company quoted me $500 to do the initial piece, which was for just one site on the burst pipe. Surdus did it at a lower price for us. Their total cost for the 2 projects came under $500, so I got a good deal. Their price was within the reasonable range. I had them come over and fix it. They worked very quickly and did a great job. They were very courteous. They were patient with me when I had questions. Once we turned the water back on, there were still leakages. I inspected the pipes that they fixed. They had done a good job on that, and the leak was not there.  There were 2 points where it had burst, so we could quickly discover the other point and went through another round of what it would take to fix that. It was going to be more expensive, but they went ahead and gave me a very quick estimate. I asked them if they would come in and do it the very next morning. They said they would and they came. They worked very fast and got it taken care of very quickly, so I paid them for that job. They were great. The quality of their work was really excellent. The workers were very patient with me and considerate and polite. They knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend them highly to other folks.

Neha B.Washington, DC
Laura R.

Complete master bathroom remodel and expansion along with removal of kitchen backsplash and installation of new tile backsplash. Elijah was very responsive and fast in getting us estimates for the bathroom remodel. He was not the lowest priced contractor, but very reasonable and by far had the best reviews. The estimate was labor only and we provided all finishing materials such as tile, grout, vanity, etc. Elijah and his crew were always on time and very professional. We were surprised at just how many hours they put in each day as they arrived around 9 a.m and some evenings worked until 8 p.m.  They also put in a number of Saturdays to keep the project on track. There were limited surprises when it came to cost, coming in very close to the estimate. The only additions were due to problems with the house where they needed extra materials or had to level out the ceiling. We had a few communication issues early on as we were not home during the renovations and inspected work in the evenings.  It took a few days to work out and make sure we were on the same page, but Elijah made sure we were comfortable and his team was addressing our concerns. We also had some challenges communicating through notes with his crew when we were home, but were able to email Elijah in the evenings if we did not feel like we were understanding each other. In the middle of the bathroom remodel we decided to replace our kitchen counters and backsplash. We originally thought we could remove the backsplash, but quickly realized there was a lot of drywall repair needed.  Elijah provided an estimate and timing the next morning and was able to quickly fit in our additional project in their schedule. We are very pleased with how the bathroom and kitchen turned out and also happy with Elijah’s service. We noticed a few weeks after they finished that there was a crack in the grout in both the kitchen and bathroom.  Elijah worked with our schedule coming out after 5pm on a Friday and repaired both cracks. We would recommend Elijah and his team for renovation projects and would consider using them in the future.

Laura R.Columbia, MD
Bardia S.

The handyman, Reza, who came out was very courteous and professional. In spite of his difficulty hearing, I had a great experience with them and would certainly recommend them for any handyman jobs around the house. They also do bathrooms, kitchens and basements etc.

Bardia S.Washington, DC
Teresa C.

Master bathroom remodel. Completed the job on time and very good at the job. It’s very reasonable price because we priced it with a couple others and they were way expensive.

Teresa C.Vienna, VA
Lennox H.

Surdus LLC fixed the range over my stove, replaced a defective register, completely fixed my exterior gates, removed a post lamp from my property and sealed the electrical wires. I found Surdus through my realtor and Elijah is phenomenal. Elijah is a deaf man, but he did all of my work. He did all of the work within the price that he said he would do it. He is very quick to respond and very thorough. He does excellent work.

Lennox H.Columbia, MD
Catherine S.

Our experience with Surdus was fantastic! Elijah Gold, the owner, was wonderful to work with. He was always responsive and gave us some great ideas. Jose and Sergio, who did the bulk of the work, were incredible. They were always lovely to deal with, even the last night when they were here until 10 pm and must have been exhausted. We especially appreciated Jose’s eye for detail, which shows throughout the bathroom. We are already planning our next project for Surdus.

Catherine S.Kensington, MD
Irene H.

Partial bathroom remodel. In order to create a master bath which better fit our needs they removed a large soaking tub, added cabinetry, enlarged the shower and replaced the toilet. The scope of the job included the need for them to carefully remove the tub so that it could be used in a friend’s home.  They also had to be careful to remove the sliding glass shower doors and the existing granite counter-tops so that they could be replaced once new cabinetry was in place and the shower was enlarged. They rebuilt the floor in the area where the tub was removed and tiled that portion of the room to match floor tile already in place. In addition, they pulled a tray type shower floor, rebuilt the floor and lower portions of the now larger shower area and placed tile there. The job included the addition of an electrical outlet, new quarter round, plumbing work to disconnect and reconnect the sinks, shower head replacement, moving two light fixtures and replacing and painting drywall in all affected areas. The cost of the service listed above is for labor only. The cost of the cabinets and fixtures is not included. However, Elijah did send us to his cabinet supplier where we got a very, very fair price. Because Elijah, the owner, and most of his crew are deaf, there were some minor miscommunication, though readily fixed. All in all, everyone compensates for this issue quite well; they actually “listened” better than many contractors. They were meticulous in preserving tile, tub, shower door, granite counter-tops and porcelain sinks. They worked with great care to create a solid product and made every effort to clean up their work space each day. Due to the timing of the project, we had to be out of town for a few days and felt confident enough to have them in our home on their own.

Irene H.Rockville, MD
Ariel S.

When we bought our Capitol Hill row house a few years ago, we didn’t particularly share the ultra-modern design sensibilities of the previous owners, particularly in the upstairs master bathroom. (Imagine a W Hotel, circa 1996). We also discovered that the bathroom fixtures didn’t work particularly well: the shower leaked and was ill-constructed for anyone with kids; turning the vanity faucet handles only occasionally produced water; and the vanity was wedged so close to the bathtub that you had to almost turn sideways to slip past. This year, we decided to redo the bathroom top to bottom, in a vintage cottage style more in step with our own tastes. We bought a pedestal tub, a vanity and recessed medicine chest, and new light fixtures, and we wanted to re-position everything so the space flowed better. We hired Surdus to completely rip out the old bathroom and put together the new one. (We bought all the furniture, fixtures, tiles, paint. They installed and made everything work, and disposed of the old stuff.) That involved everything from ripping out old tiles, securing floor joists, moving the plumbing and electrical, carrying a 500-pound tub up a narrow flight of stairs, installing wainscoting and light fixtures and floor tiles, and painting. Elijah Gold, the owner, and his crew delivered on every score. The 3-man crew showed up on time every morning. They took the time to get the details right, and when we discovered problems that we hadn’t anticipated in advance, the crew put in extra hours and elbow grease to make it work, even if it meant staying well past the point when they might have wanted to go home. Though the job involved considerably more time and work than anyone expected, there was only one reasonably priced change order. The men often went above and beyond, with the electrician bringing some wiring outside the scope of the project up to code and checking the work of his colleagues to make sure they had done everything by the book. The men were also unfailingly polite and respectful. They asked, for instance, every time they wished to use the (working) downstairs bathroom, even though I would have been more than happy for them to use it at will. They also made a point of cleaning up every day, laying down cloth runners and vacuuming and dusting to keep the rest of the house mostly dust-free. I work from home, and so was fairly involved (and probably annoying) in checking the work in progress. But they always answered my questions patiently and were always responsive to requests. Overall, I was very pleased with Surdus’s work and would highly recommend.

Ariel S.Washington, DC
William C.

After overhauling the old kitchen, they replaced the original plywood flooring with a new one before installing new floor tiles and a plumbing system necessary for the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator. They installed new wiring for new appliances including a stove and a microwave oven, new air-conditioning ducts, a ceiling fan with lights, and LED lights. Once the cabinets were installed, they contacted Flintstone Marble & Granite for measuring the counter-tops. Flintstone installed the granite counter-tops in one week. Surdus also installed a new entry door with sidelights and a storm door. We were very pleased with the work that they did for us.

William C.Springfield, VA
Antoinette F.

He remodeled a 3000-square-foot basement.  He also remodeled a kitchen and bathrooms on other occasions. Everything was great!  Elijah had reasonable pricing, had an excellent quality of work, and was highly professional.  In fact, I was most impressed when he took it upon himself to fix a part of the ceiling that started to sag even though it wasn’t his fault. Furthermore, he and his crews are extremely thorough, and everything that they do is written down which is a tremendous plus. Additionally, Elijah was always on time if not early, he was always calm and collected, and he even brought a Port O Potty for his crews to use so that they wouldn’t have to be intrusive and use our facilities.

Antoinette F.Washington, DC
Annelies E.

Surdus LLC finished our basement, including the installation of a second bathroom, insulation, carpet, tile, etc. It’s a totally new space. This was our third experience with Elijah and his team. They were punctual, respectful and their work was absolutely exceptional. Elijah’s pricing is always fair (some of the best I’ve found in DC). His craftsmanship is top dollar. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Annelies E.Takoma Park, MD
Tracey S.

They remodeled my bathroom. They were very precise, clear and straight to the point. They were attentive and gave great feedback. They were very good and I would hire them again. They created a great relationship.

Tracey S.Washington, DC
Elizabeth L.

Elijah remodeled the kitchen in my rental two years ago: gutted everything but the floor, new wood cabinets, granite counter tops and installed a new dishwasher. Everything went well. My only complaint is that he didn’t have a big selection of cabinet colors for the price point I was at. Which is probably my fault for not wanting to spend more on a rental unit. He showed up when he was supposed to, did what he said he would do, finished in the agreed upon time frame and the workers cleaned up the mess every night. At one point, I wanted to save money by painting myself, but it would have slowed his workers down, so they painted for me, including the ceiling! The price he charged was agreed to at the beginning and the work was completed with no add-on’s or extras. Last year, there was a problem with how the dishwasher had been connected to the main water pipes in the condo building and he sent out someone out to fix it immediately, with no additional charge. It wasn’t causing a problem or any damage, but when the apartment next door was undergoing renovations they needed it moved. There have been no other problems. I recommended him to a friend who was doing renovations and she said he gave her an excellent quote, she decided to go a different direction and realized later she should have hired Elijah. As probably noted elsewhere, Elijah is deaf and so are a few of his employees, but in the days of text messaging and email there are definitely no communication issues. I noticed quite the opposite, he returned emails and texts promptly and of course- everything agreed to was in writing.

Elizabeth L.Arlington, VA
Bryant C.

It went well over all. After looking at several contractors, we chose Surdus. My main goal was to have the bathroom done with the fittings and fixtures I wanted, not one of the package bathroom deals. I seldom use contractors in DC just because of the pricing/quality of work/poor contracts. I liked the detailed contract and Elijah’s suggestions for how to do the bathroom. I also appreciated that he actually knew the building codes in force unlike the other three contractors I interviewed. The job wasn’t easy – remove cast iron tub, wall tile set in plaster/mortar and floor tile in mortar (1930’s house). We selected the furnishings we wanted, and had Elijah confirm they would work. There were some problems with the bathtubs when we received them – not his fault; delivery company which caused a pretty big delay. He worked around them. The framing and rough work was first class. The guys had schematics on how they would do the work. We had a pretty complicated shower valve arrangement, and he worked with the supplier to make sure all the appropriate pieces were ordered and a plumbing schematic was produced. His crew did a good job trying to keep things clean and thinking ahead on installing blocking for the grab bar, etc. The only downside is I think his crew was rushed in the end to finish up. I understand, and I have never worked on a construction project were there weren’t minor problems. However in the rushing, small details got overlooked. I am the only one who will ever notice, it is just that they did such a great job on the rough-in, framing, etc. but nobody will ever see it. I would definitely use them again. In general a great contractor who sticks to the contract, and I like that all communications are in writing. Elijah was flexible during the project, and prompt to respond.

Bryant C.Washington, DC
Susan Q.

After finding Surdus on Angie’s List I hired them to add a kitchenette to the lower level or my house and turn an unfinished space into a master closet. I was so pleased with their work I then engaged them to add electricity and garage door openers to my detached 2-dar garage, add recessed lighting in my bedroom and lighting to an outdoor patio. I have never been happier with a contractor. The price was competitive and the work was A+. Both of the initial projects were somewhat unconventional and they didn’t have much to go on but what they created exceeded all my expectations. I recently bought this 2-level house with my “kids” with the plan for the lower level be an inlaw suite for me as I will retire next year. It was challenging to add a kitchen in the unfinished laundry room and a spacious closet within my budget but now my space has been transformed into a very functional and lovely home. As mentioned by other reviewers, the owner, Elijah, is deaf and so were all of his crew members. That was never an issue and we achieved all the necessary communications via email and simply writing notes to each other. His crew showed up on time every day and worked diligently for 9 hours a day. They were extremely polite and thoughtful. Every evening they cleaned up as much as possible to leave my space still accessible. On the final day, the crew spent nearly 2 hours cleaning up and organizing the garage where they had done some of the sawing and other tasks that created dust. I was so impressed with that. I always expect construction projects to take longer than expected so I’m not bothered when they do. Of course, in this case I kept adding projects to the original contract so it naturally took longer. I’m hiring them again later this summer to remodel one of the other bathrooms.

Susan Q.Silver Spring, MD
Christina C.

Retiled the bathroom shower, bathroom floor, installed new vanity, installed sink faucet and tub/shower faucet and drain. I will certainly be using Surdus again!  Elijah is a pleasure to work with and far and away the most responsive contractor I have ever used (and we’ve used too many to count). He responds to emails extremely quickly, sometimes in a matter of just a few minutes. He was willing to work with us to create a project that would fit our needs and our budget. Most importantly, he made sure we were happy with the products and the look at each step of the project. His crew was very professional and courteous and their work was great. When we noticed a problem with the tile layout and notified Elijah, he immediately assured us it would be fixed and then notified us the next day when it had been fixed and made sure we approved of it before they moved on. The final work looks terrific and the entire experience with Surdus was wonderful. I wish we had found Surdus years ago–we will be using them again I’m sure.

Christina C.Fairfax, VA
Paul N.

Remodeled bathroom. Installed new shower (taking out old bath), tiled floor and shower, installed vanity and faucet. Great job. Came back to make adjustments to shower door with no problems. Went to get extra tiles for us while we were on vacation too. Really helpful, responsive and accommodating.

Paul N.Potomac, MD
Mary B.

They remodeled an upstairs bathroom in our house. It went fantastic, they were absolutely great from the first meeting to the end of the construction they where just great.

Mary B.Germantown, MD
Mary K.

I had two bathrooms that were renovated. My friend and I had started removing the contents of one of the bathrooms until we discovered how difficult and messy the job was. Elijah came to the rescue and his crew removed the remaining existing fixtures, old tile, and cement board. After completing the demolition, the crew tiled both bathrooms, including floors, walls, and showers. They removed the old fixtures and replaced the plumbing necessary for the the new shower hardware. They installed the new shower and bathtub fixtures. When we realized that the outlets need to be moved, they moved them to appropriate spots on the wall. Elijah and his crew are very professional, courteous, and skilled. Elijah and Jose listened to my plans for the bathrooms and suggested some other possibilities that I found to be helpful and turned out to be an improvement over my vision. Elijah or the crew always informed me the day before about when they would arrive the next day. They were punctual but they also adjusted the plan when my scedule changed. I can’t say enough about how skilled these workers are. My friend who is a perfectionist was completely impressed with the meticulous nature of their work as was I. Elijah had no problem with my procuring my own tiles. The price was highly reasonable and Elijah stood by his estimate. I actually think they should charge more than they do. They are very worth it.

Mary K.Germantown, MD