Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is a simple way to update its look and feel. While some kitchen backsplashes will come with a hefty price tag, others can be done on a tight budget and still yield fantastic results.

Current Kitchen Backsplash Standards

One of the hottest trends in kitchen backsplashes is a pencil tile design. These tiles are thin (hence the name) and add visual interest to your walls. These tiles are available in various materials and colors to suit any homeowner’s needs.

If you wish to bring your kitchen up to date but do not want to set your backsplash in a specific time, consider subway tiles. This backsplash has proven the test of time and won’t have you regretting your design choices in the decades to come.

Glass tiles are another popular backsplash choice. They are easier to clean than bare walls and allow you to inject your personal design preferences into your walls. Whether you like interesting shapes, cool colors, or clean lines, there is a glass backsplash for you.

Budget Friendly

One way to save on your backsplash is to pick a feature wall rather than tiling the entire kitchen. A classic look that won’t break the bank is white, ceramic subway tiles. This style is timeless and the ceramic is very durable. If you want to add a bit of drama, you can take the tiles all the way up to the ceiling to make a bold statement.

Another way to update your kitchen while bringing in more light is to use tin sheets for your backsplash.  This style used to be a traditional ceiling embellishment. However, it is now making a comeback as an affordable backsplash option. The metal is reflective and will brighten up any kitchen.

A fun, affordable option is to use chalkboard paint. This will be an instant hit with kids, but it can be an entertaining option for adults as well. You can plan out meals and recipes right on your walls! This option allows you to flex your creative muscles and change up the design of your kitchen whenever you’d like. This look also complements rustic and country kitchen designs, so give it a try if that is your style.

Unique Twist

Not everyone wants the standard ceramic tile backsplash for their home. If you are craving something different for your kitchen but you don’t want to get too crazy with the design, consider interesting patterns instead. One way to achieve a unique look without being too extreme is to install basic subway tiles in a herringbone pattern. This standard backsplash material blended with a sophisticated pattern can make any kitchen feel modern with a distinctive charm.

If you like the classic look of subway tiles but dislike the plain white, you still have design choices available to you. Swap out ceramic subway tiles for glass subway tiles in bright, fun colors. By keeping your kitchen accessories and decorations muted, you can get away with a punchy color for your backsplash. If you want some color but don’t want your kitchen to be overwhelming, you can always focus the color on one wall as a feature wall and maintain neutral tones on the remaining walls.

Another way to add individuality to your kitchen is to use unusual materials. For example, you can use reclaimed wood from your surroundings for a rustic feel. This is also a great option if you are environmentally conscious as it fits in well with the idea of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Once you determine which kitchen backsplash best suits your style, you will need to properly prepare. Some backsplashes are easier to install than others. If you are uncomfortable with DIY projects, place a few calls to local contractors and you will be well on your way to your dream kitchen.