9 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

9 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Not every house comes with a grand open concept kitchen complete with an island and large stainless steel appliances. Small homes, condos, and apartments often come with a small kitchen. Even if you can’t expand the footprint of your kitchen, there are numerous ways to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. Here are small kitchen design ideas to style your kitchen

Paint Dark Cabinets Crisp White

Bring in the light, a simple idea to make a small kitchen design feel more open is to lighten it up. Painting dark cabinets a crisp white creates the illusion of more space. White subway tile can also help bolster this effect. If the space still feels cramped, you can do more work to your cabinets to reduce your kitchen’s claustrophobic feel and improve your small kitchens design.

Add Glass Panels to Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Consider putting in glass panels in your cabinet doors or removing them all together for open shelving. Large cabinet doors looming above you can make a tiny kitchen feel even smaller than it is. If you do not like the idea of people being able to see into your cabinets, you can achieve the same effect by installing mirrored panels instead. This will reflect light for a space-enhancing effect.

Use Natural Sunlight to Brighten up Your Small Kitchen

While lightening up the walls and cabinets, do not neglect your natural sunlight either. Remove heavy drapes or curtains from kitchen windows to bring in more light. If you have a door leading out of your kitchen, consider installing French or glass doors to maximize the light entering your home. Natural sunlight does wonders to open up a room and make it feel larger.

Install Hardwood Floors

If your kitchen flows out to a deck, install hardwood floors that run straight up to the door and continue the deck planks in the same direction. With the addition of French or glass doors, this will create the illusion that your kitchen extends beyond the walls of your home.

Create More Usable Space

Of course, most homeowners actually want more space than the mere illusion of it. If cups and dishes are spilling out of your cabinets onto you counters, there are a few organization tricks you can employ to reduce the clutter.

Scale Down Large Appliances

Consider hanging your pots from the ceiling to free up much-needed storage space. Scaling down your appliances such as your microwave and coffee pot can help free up your countertops. You can also consider scaling down other larger appliances such as your dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove to be able to add extra counter space.

Invest in a Small Kitchen Island to Improve Storage

If your kitchen floor has ample room, but you lack prep space for cooking, you can invest in a small island. This will provide you more space for meal prep as well as more storage.

Build Wrap-Around Shelves for More Storage

Another storage solution is to build wrap-around shelves the run along the top of your kitchen. You can store your pretty cookware, formal dining sets, or infrequently used appliances along the shelves without sacrificing space you use every day.

Extend Kitchen Cabinet Height

If you still lack shelving, check your cabinet height. Many cabinets do not extend up to the ceiling. Add in extra cabinets by stacking them on the preexisting ones to create more storage.

Whether you simply want to make your kitchen feel larger or actually increase the usable space, there is a solution for you. Brightening walls, removing heavy cabinet doors and window treatments, and making smart storage choices can all help improve the appearance and functionality of a small kitchen.