Home Renovation Projects

Winter Home Renovation Projects

Winter time may not seem like the best season to begin major home renovation projects. With the chilly temperatures and wet winter snow, renovations may be the last thing on your mind. However, winter time also tends to mean a lot of time indoors. If you are going to be cooped up in your house, you may as well enjoy what you are seeing every day.

Upgrade Your Walls

While you may want to avoid major renovations that involve tearing down walls, you can certainly improve the appearance of your existing walls. Adding new paint or modern wallpaper can remove years from the look and feel of your home. You can also add architectural details such as trim, crown molding, or wainscoting to give personality and depth to your home.

Upgrade Your Floors

If your home has old, thinning carpet, there are a number of home renovation projects that can improve it. The first option is to replace it with new, lush carpet. However, be sure the retailer airs out the carpet before installation. Otherwise, you will have to have your windows open in the middle of winter to allow the toxic fumes to off-gas from the carpet. Another option is to install laminate or wood flooring.

If you are upgrading bathroom flooring, consider installing in-floor heating while you are at it. Bathroom floors are traditionally made of tile, which is cold in the winter. In-floor heating allows you to step straight onto your bathroom floor without fear of a freezing cold shock to your feet.

Remodel Your Bathroom

If your home has more than one full bath, consider remodeling one of them. You use your bathroom every day, so this is a renovation you can enjoy daily once complete. Replace dated vanities, tubs, and tile with modern options. Plus, bathroom remodels almost always add value to your home.

Add a Kitchen Backsplash

While an entire kitchen renovation may not be feasible during the winter, installing a modern kitchen backsplash certainly is. This is a fun project that allows you to inject your personality into your kitchen. There are a variety of backsplash options including glass, ceramic, and metal tiles.

Heating Solutions

Older homes often lack proper insulation. Upgrades to insulation, windows, and doors can help keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills. Make sure you check your attic as well. If you can see joists, then there is not enough insulation. This is particularly important because hot air rises. If your attic lacks proper insulation, then your heat is escaping and you are literally paying to heat the great outdoors.  While this may not be the most fun renovation project, it will save you money down the road.

Before beginning renovations, consider how much work you can or want to take on. If your DIY skills are a little rusty, consider hiring a contractor to ensure the work is done right. Check out this article to learn how to hire a remodeling contractor.