Will DIY Remodeling REALLY Save You Money?

Will DIY Remodeling REALLY Save You Money?

In this economy, it’s perfectly common for homeowners to take the DIY approach to remodeling in an effort to save a little cash. However, if you don’t plan the project well, it might end up costing more than you expected, or even more than hiring a professional remodeler would.

Some questions to answer before starting your DIY remodeling project:

Start by working on the details of your project. If you have the right expectations up front, you can set the appropriate budget and timeline to get the project done correctly.

  1. Who will design my project?
  2. What materials and supplies should I use?
  3. Do I have the tools to get the job done right?
  4. Am I able to fully complete this remodeling project in a timely manner? (How long will it take?)
  5. What happens if something goes wrong?
  6. What are the biggest reasons I want to do it myself, instead of hiring a reputable remodeling contractor?
  7. What are the price differences between doing it myself and hiring a remodeling company?

Is DIY still the right way to go?

Once you answer those questions, you can assess whether doing this home remodel project yourself will actually get you the results you want and save you money. Sometimes it’s better in the long run to hire a professional who will do a better job than you could do. When you consider the fact that a professional remodeler has these benefits, you have to weigh out which is the better approach to your project:

  • Prior experience with home remodeling projects
  • Insurance, in case something goes wrong
  • Licensing: ensuring your remodeling project is done legally and correctly
  • Warranties: giving you peace of mind in the quality of your renovations, including new materials.
  • Their own tools
  • Collaboration with material companies, so you’ll get the best deals on quality new equipment in your renovated kitchen or bathroom

It goes without saying that DIY remodeling might not be a smarter choice. In any case, feel free to research the associated costs that would be involved if you do it yourself but please compare that against a quote from a reputable remodeling contractor.

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