Low-Cost Bathroom Remodels

Low-Cost Bathroom Remodels

Many homeowners are hesitant to begin bathroom remodels because they think it means spending thousands of dollars. This is not always the case. There are numerous small scale remodels that can improve the aesthetic of your bathroom without requiring a gargantuan budget.

Modern Updates

An easy way to update your bathroom on a budget is to replace the fixtures on your vanity and your bathtub or shower. Many bathrooms feel dated because of brass fixtures. By swapping them out with modern and sleek options, you instantly breathe new life into your bathroom. New lighting can modernize a bathroom as well. Replace dated strip lights over your vanity mirror with an updated option that matches your style.  Another easy and inexpensive way to update your bathroom is with accent pieces and accessories.

DIY Bathroom Remodels

Taking on projects yourself is a great way to save on labor costs. Full-scale bathroom remodels are often best left to the professionals, but there are plenty of smaller projects you can do yourself. One example is an easy upgrade to your sink. Pedestal sinks lack storage and piling objects around it looks sloppy. A stylish way to fix this is to wrap your pedestal sink in fabric. This changes up the look at minimal cost and provides some storage.

Another DIY bathroom project is to paint your dated vanity and cabinets to improve their aesthetic. For a high-end look without the cost, add molding to your existing vanity and mirrors. This is a simple and inexpensive way to inject your personal style into your bathroom.  

Second-Hand Steals

Shop second-hand stores for gently used items to find big style on a small budget. You may need to apply a coat of paint or put in some elbow grease to clean up pre-owned bathroom items such as vanities, sinks, and fixtures, but the final result is often stunning and costs a great deal less than buying the items brand new.

Some high-end items, such as a vanity with granite countertops, can’t be found in second-hand stores. Instead, check with local stone yards to find leftover pieces of stone from other jobs. These pieces are often much cheaper than buying a brand new slab.

Ways to Save

If you plan on replacing your sink, tub, or hardware, consider selling them rather than throwing them away. Even if you are ready to say goodbye to your old tub, someone else may think it is perfect for their space. This is an excellent way to recoup some of the expense of your renovations.

A small budget should not deter you from remodeling your bathroom. Simple updates, DIY projects, and finding ways to save money during your renovation will help you keep costs down while vastly improving your bathroom’s appeal.

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