Finding the Bathroom Remodeler That's Just Right

Finding the Bathroom Remodeler That’s Just Right

It’s amazing how much refreshing an outdated bathroom can bring a client so much joy. We recently remodeled an original 1960s bathroom that was looking old, tired, and in terrible shape, and turned it into a beautiful space.

Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The client had contacted four other contractors before Surdus. Much like Goldilocks, they had trouble finding the right fit. One of them had excellent reviews and provided good ideas but submitted ridiculous prices (much higher than the other 3).  Two of them were barely responsive – in other words, they came by, looked at the bathroom but did not bother to ask the client what they wanted to do.  One contractor took several weeks to even provide an estimate. Finally, the client found the right fit with Surdus.

The Details of the Bathroom Remodel

The renovation included replacing the drywall with green board, installing new floor tiles, a new toilet, new vanity, and recessed medicine cabinet, as well as centering the shower drain, installing wall tiles in the shower, and more.

We worked with the client to understand what they wanted, and made our own suggestions for the project, like replacing a door with a pocket door to add to the usable space in the bathroom. The client loved this suggestion, as they found pocket doors to be very elegant.

Working Hard to Get the Job Done

We worked through Thanksgiving to complete the job, which the client appreciated very much. The client was pleased with the few work order changes that were necessary, which we provided at reasonable cost.  These included modifying the plumbing to make the recessed medicine cabinet fit, moving a light switch, and installing a new electrical outlet (facing the outside hall).

The client was also happy with our communication: “I was impressed by [Elijah’s] responsiveness.  Whenever I sent him an email with a question, he’d reply the same day.”

Here’s to finding that fit that’s just right, even if you’re not Goldilocks.