Bathroom Remodel Tysons Corner, Virginia : A Case Study

Overview: Bathroom Remodel Tysons Corner, VA

Some homeowners are intimidated by large renovations, much more so by taking on more than one renovation at a time. However, there are benefits to taking on multiple renovation projects at the same time. By doing all of the work at once, you can expedite the renovation process. You can also ensure you are getting the same quality of work on both projects by using the same construction team and materials. This case study will review two bathroom remodels done simultaneously in Tyson’s Corner: one master bathroom and one hallway bathroom.

Project Details of Bathroom Remodel in Tysons Corner

The demolition for the hallway bath began by removing the existing tile flooring down to the sub-floor as well as the tile on the walls around the tub. Next, the vanity, tub, toilet, and mirror along with all the bathroom accessories were removed. The master bathroom demolition followed the same pattern; however, additional wall mounted objects were removed as well. All of the debris was collected in an owner supplied Bagster.

For these bathroom remodel projects, the homeowner supplied the design materials such as the toilet, bathtub, and fixtures while Surdus LLC supplied the construction materials (cement board, mortar mix, etc.).,, and supplied additional materials as well.


Hallway Bathroom

Once demolition was complete, the construction team could begin installing the owner supplied design and décor pieces. The hallway bath received a new 30”X60“ bathtub with two recessed niches, ceramic tiles with a marble threshold for the floors and ceramic tiles for the walls around the tub, a new vanity with countertop, a medicine cabinet, new bath accessories (bath towel holder, hand towel holder, etc.), and updated baseboards to match the rest of the house. The construction team also patched holes where the old bath accessories used to be.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom remodel followed a similar plan. The master bathroom received a new 48”X36” shower basin with two recessed niches, new tile and marble threshold for the floors and new tiles for the walls around the shower, a new pedestal sink, a medicine cabinet, new bath accessories, new baseboards, and a new, 48” shower sliding door.

Plumbing and Electric

Hallway Bathroom

Plumbing for the hallway bath had to be relocated, connected, and centered for the vanity’s sink. Then the bathtub and toilet were installed. New faucets for the sink and shower/tub combination were installed as well. The wiring for the vanity light was also relocated and a new light fixture was installed.

Master Bathroom

The bath construction team connected the shower and sink to the plumbing as well as installed a new toilet and faucets for the shower and sink. They also relocated an electrical outlet to a more usable location and installed a new vanity light fixture. The ceiling and walls also received a new coat of paint to complete the project.

Bathroom remodels that take place over different periods of time can suffer from stylistic changes, making one space feel dated. By taking on both bathroom renovations in Tysons Corner, VA at the same time, the homeowner was able to ensure cohesion between the two spaces.

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