12 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

12 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are a number of ways to remodel your master bathroom. From quick fixes to complete gut jobs, your budget will likely determine how extensive your remodel is. Below you will find master bathroom remodel ideas that improve its practicality as well as help you turn it into a modern oasis.

Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Improve Functionality

Master bathrooms typically cater to two individuals. In order for them to both use the space at the same time, there are a few design choices available. A double vanity is a sure way to create enough space for two people to get ready at the same time. Additional built-in storage is a must as well so both individuals can have their toiletries tucked out of sight without feeling cramped.

A major way to upgrade a master bathroom from single-person use to multi-person use is to put the toilet in a separate room. This way if someone needs to use the restroom, the other person is still free to shower and use the vanity.

Spa-Like Master Bathroom Ideas

If your master bathroom is perfectly functional, then you can focus your remodeling efforts on making your bathroom a spa-like retreat. If your house comes with more than one bathtub, consider taking out the shower/bathtub combo in your master bathroom and installing a large walk in glass shower instead. To really ramp up the wow factor, incorporate a multi-head shower system with a built in bench.

If you still want a bathtub in your master bathroom and your floor plan allows for it, consider putting in a separated, extra-large soaker tub. For a more spa-like feel, install a ceiling mounted tub filler. This is a unique feature that is sure to impress.

Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

If you want to completely bring your master bathroom up to date, there are a few key places you should focus your efforts. Using quality materials, such as ceramic tiles for the shower, are a must. Ceramic tiles are not only stylish, they have numerous benefits as well. They help prevent humidity, are easy to clean, and are mold-resistant.

You can extend your bathroom remodel into the master bedroom itself as well. Consider relocating your master closet to combine your closet with your shower. This saves you time as you get ready plus gives you the bonus of a large, walk-in master closet.

One final modern upgrade to consider is in-floor heating. Most master bathroom floors are tiled, which is extremely cold in the winter. Stepping on frigid tiles when you first wake up in the morning is uninviting. In-floor heating improves the value of your bathroom, but it is also an aesthetic you can enjoy on a daily basis.

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