Top 10 Basement Renovation Blogs

Top 10 Basement Renovation Blogs

There are a lot of home renovation blogs available on the internet, but not all of them tackle basements. Basement renovations come with their own unique challenges. Check out these basement renovation blogs below for ideas on your next project.

Elements of Style

While Elements of Style often focuses on design and interior decorating, there is one major reason it makes this list. This blogger renovated her entire basement with the help of Lowes. This blogger was pregnant at the time of her renovation, so she needed the remodel done quickly and professionally. If your basement is currently a concrete storage space, check out this blog for inspiration on how to finish your space.

House of Roses

This mommy blogger covers a wide range of territory in her blog. One section is devoted entirely to décor, room makeovers, DIY tutorials, and more. Like many homeowners, her basement got put on the backburner in favor of other home projects. She realized putting off her basement for too long would result in it never getting finished. With some help from her dad, she completely remodeled the space. Find out how she did it and what supplies she used here.


This blogger and first time homeowner bought a 1970’s fixer upper with his husband. She blogs about her renovation adventures and has numerous ideas for small DIY projects to spruce up your home. If you have a dark, wood-paneled basement that you are struggling to renovate, check out LiveLoveDIY. She transformed her dark basement into a light and welcoming part of her home.

Finished Basement

Figuring out what to do with your basement can be difficult. There are a multitude of options including putting in a bar, a home gym, a home office, a theater, and more. Even if you know what you want to do with your basement, determining the best layout can present a whole new set of challenges. To find the answers for almost every basement renovation quandary you may face, be sure to visit Finished Basement.


Remodelaholic is a great resource for any renovation project you may want to take on. It also has an excellent aggregated list of various basement remodels from around the web. While many renovation blogs only have one basement remodel, this one has a multitude of options. This way, you can pull together ideas from different homeowners all in one place.

Sebring Services

Sebring Services is a treasure trove of basement remodel ideas. Whether you are looking for high end basement remodels or down to earth man caves, they have tons of designs for you. They are in the know on all of the latest trends and provide useful pointers for your basement renovation project.

Add Value to Your Home

Nobody likes a dark and dingy basement. You can add value to your home by remodeling your basement, but you have to make sure it is done right. Add Value to Your Home gives you great ideas on how to work with your existing basement as well as maximize its value. There are also great tips on how to stage it as well if you are trying to sell your home for top dollar.


This homeowner had an unfinished basement that she used for storage. However, an unfinished basement does not add much value to your home and its functionality is limited. In fact, there is not much more an unfinished basement can be than an overflow storage area. Tired of not using her space to its maximum potential, Landee overhauled her basement from concrete and wood frames to bright and livable space.

House of Hepsworth

Like many homeowners, this DIY blogger is on a budget. That does not mean she has to sacrifice style. House of Hepsworth follows this homeowner’s progress as she and her husband renovate the office, the living space, and more in their basement.

Family Handyman

When most people imagine their basement remodel, they’re thinking of the finished project. However, a lot of prep work has to go into that remodel before worrying about the design and aesthetics. Family Handyman has tons of tips for finishing your basement including waterproofing, organizing, and more.  

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