Budget Friendly Basement Remodel Ideas

Budget Friendly Basement Remodel Ideas

For many individuals, the basement becomes the catch-all storage solution. However, if your original plans for your basement included extra living space, there are a variety of budget-friendly ways to remodel.

First, you will need to go through your belongings. Pare down what you are storing to the bare essentials. You could even have a yard sale and use any of the proceeds to help fund your basement remodel plans. Once you have decluttered, you will need storage solutions. Determine how much of your basement you will dedicate to storage and how much will be living space. Once you know how much space you are working with, you will need to decide how you are going to use it.

Home Gym

Turning your extra living space into a home gym has numerous benefits. It helps you save on gym membership costs, gas, and time spent traveling to and from the gym. It is also an inexpensive remodel.

Most basement floors are poured concrete. For your home gym, you don’t need to install flooring. Instead, lay down foam mats that interlock with each other. If you like the traditional look of a gym, go for classic black mats. However, you can get fun and creative by using vibrant colors. Hang up a large mirror on one wall so you can make sure you are using proper form.

If you need equipment or weights, check with your local gym. Many of them have older weights or equipment they no longer want or need that they will sell to you for significantly less than buying new. You can also check online for deals.

Kid’s Play Room

Reclaim your upstairs living area by creating a kid-friendly play space in your basement. You can line the longest wall with floor to ceiling storage bins to hold toys. You can also set up an entertainment system to keep video games and kids movies contained in one space.

This renovation is often inexpensive because you likely already have the items you need. Once you clear out the area, install carpet and ensure the room is properly insulated if your basement is unfinished. Then you can simply move your children’s existing toys and consoles downstairs.

Basement Facelift

If your basement walls are unattractive, you can hang up light and bright curtains to hide the walls. You can also use curtains as makeshift walls to separate the space. Another way to improve the look of your basement is to paint it. Even if you have cinder block walls, a coat of paint can do wonders to improve the look and feel.

If you do not have the budget to finish off your basement, work with its unfinished appeal instead of ignoring it. Turn your basement into an arts and crafts center. Because it is unfinished, you won’t need to worry about paint or glitter getting on the floor. This will give you or your children a creative outlet without the stress of extensive clean up time.

No matter what your budget, there are ways to make your basement work for you. Start by minimizing the amount of possessions you truly need to store and then work with the space you reclaimed.

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