A Basement Renovation Makes a Home in Takoma Park More Functional

A Basement Renovation Makes a Home in Takoma Park More Functional

Why is it that the basement always seems to attract clutter? The basement is one of the most underused rooms of a home, and we are often called to do basement renovations to breathe new life into them.

For one client, clutter and disorganization was an issue in the basement, as well as the fact that there was no bathroom. The client wanted the basement to have organized and separated bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, and closet behind the stairs, as well as an egress window.

The Remodeling Process

We completely gutted out the basement, with an exception of the original pine knotty wooden wall the clients wanted to preserve to match the rest of the house’s character. Because the concrete floor was not leveled, we poured leveling cement to level it out. We then opened the concrete floor to install new plumbing for the new bathroom. We framed the stud walls, installed new circuits of electrical wiring, and installed new duct work into the new bedroom. We built a full bathroom with a regular sized bathtub, toilet, mirror, and vanity.

We built a new bedroom with a built-in closet. Because the window in the bedroom didn’t meet the basement’s building code, we created a large Egress window so that the bedroom received lots of daylight.

Additionally, we created an open space for watching TV on a spacious couch.  The new laundry room included the dryer/washer and utility sink. The exterior door was replaced with a new wooden door, and  we tiled the small area by the exterior door to prevent dirty feet from spreading to the new Berber carpet.

Overall, the clients were thrilled to get so much functionality back from their basement.